Here are your advantages if you use MyAccount

Access anywhere, anytime

You can access your account from home, office, airport, from holiday. In short, wherever you are, there is also your account.

Acces de oriunde, oricând
Alege să-ţi plăteşti factura prin Debit Direct!

Choose to pay your bill by
Direct Debit!

Get rid of the bill caring: authorize your bank to transfer the invoiced amount every month, to the due date. Find out more >>

Receive the electronic bills

Receive the electronic bills

As MyAccount user you can choose to benefit of the bill just in electronic form and be notified when it is issued by email and SMS.

Ai beneficii în plus

You have additional benefits

You can see the list of made calls, itemized billing and you can quickly order new services.

Plăteşti online în siguranţă

Pay safely online

You have in handy the easiest invoice payment method: pay online without commission.

Other benefits:

  • Last 6 invoices in electronic form
  • Detailed list of calls and bills annexes
  • Current month consumption
  • Customer Service